Parker Knoll: Furniture Restoration contemporary reupholstered

Furniture Restoration Parker Knoll

Vintage wooden frame reupholstered to a very high finish. Most of this style of chairs were made between the ’50s and ’70s. Well made and very comfortable chairs originally made when craftsmanship was still a must for furniture made in the traditional way.

Parker knoll

On all our Reconditioned chairs including we use fire retardant cushion foam and chair back padding. New replacement springs, where necessary. Seat cushions lined with fully fire retardant barrier cloth (where fire retardant fabric has not been used). The outer fabric coverings are generally made from cotton or cotton/mix for durability from U K manufacturers, lined with fire retardant calico barrier cloth if necessary, to comply with fire regulations. (Fabric samples are always available on request.)

Many of our furniture restoration projects including chairs would fit perfectly in any contemporary decor surroundings, or look equally as good in a traditionally styled setting. Stripped back to the frame, then sanded and finished with Danish oil, bringing out the beautiful grain of the solid wood.

Danish Oil used on the wood is a traditional finish that is durable and virtually maintenance free. It adds a very durable finish that will last for many years Its the finish use in the Parker Knoll Pictured in this post

We apply three coats of the very best Danish oil on the majority of our chairs giving the surface a durable tough finish. The brand of oil we use gives a water-resistant satin finish that will stand up to daily wear and tear. It can be lightly polished with any good furniture polish just to maintain it’s natural satin lustre. Danish oil dries hard as it is exposed to oxygen in the atmosphere and has a durable polymer surface once it has dried, making it safe and non-toxic.
Take a look at the frame of this particular chair. It is made from beech wood and has beautiful sculptured curved arms emphasizing the 1950 retro look and feel. A very sturdy frame, as you would expect from a chair of this quality and it’s manufacturer.

Sometimes you will see Parker Knoll or larger furniture restoration projects, such as sideboards or chests of drawers, which have been restored and painted. This will give the furniture a modern look and contemporary feel. Painted furniture has a very durable finish which will stand up to everyday wear and tear for years to come.

Some of the chairs and items we have for sale on our site have a painted surface. We use Fusion mineral Paint. This paint has a superb durable finish and there is no need to polish it, although you can wax the surface if you wish with no detriment to the surface. Unlike most paints available on the market Fusion contains no Volatile Organic Compounds which give off small but never-the- less toxic fumes when dry, which can last for years to come.

We try to be environmentally conscious with all the products we use on our refurbishments, which is one of the main reasons for using the Fusion paint as it contains no lead phlalate formaldehyde ammonia, so is very safe to use in baby’s room or any other sensitive area around your home or office.

At Contemporary Refurbs we like this paint a great deal, not just for its non toxic properties but also it’s ease of use. It will give the finished surface a very smooth look or, as we like to do in some cases, leave a fine brush stroke to give the appearance of a woodgrain in the surface, just to create a great looking effect. There is a super range of colours available from the manufacturer plus many other useful items – a great place to start if you are considering restoring any of your furniture at home.

If you have been thinking of restoring piece furniture, Maybe you have an old Chair lying around at home give it a go yourself. You can bring the item up to date, especially if it’s been hanging around the house for ages and you were not sure what to do with it. Don’t throw it away – think eco. Recycle it!

Parker Knoll is the name you can rely on when buying vintage mid-century furniture.

Classic chairs brought up to date with new upholstery and a new contemporary finish to the wood a light oil finish is used on many chairs as well as painted surface .

Each furniture restoration is upholstered from a range of top quality fabrics such as ‘Little Trees’ designed by MissPrint Designs, a very attractive modern fabric with a retro style design. This is made from a cotton mix strong and durable fabric which will lend itself to any setting in your home or place of work.

If you have a business that caters for the public, such as a pub or restaurant, the “terracotta Postcards” printed cotton fabric would fit in a by the fireside, tucked away in the corner of your pub, or where your customers relax in the lounge area of your restaurant.

We are always sourcing vintage and retro chairs and furniture to bring back to life in order to give them a new lease of life. It’s a shame that furniture is just taken to the dump when most of the time it is still in great shape and may only need some new coverings. The frames can be brought up to date with new colours and given a new modern look and feel.

We will always recycle whatever we can to keep the authenticity of the item when working on a new project, doing our bit in a small way to help the environment.

As you can see we try to keep our chairs projects as close to the original as possible, although ever-changing fashion trends with regard to fabrics and colours will mean that furniture, in general, will change from year to year and decade to decade.

When you purchase any of our refurbished chairs you not only get a great piece of updated furniture but you are helping the environment by keeping those pieces of furniture in circulation for as long as possible. It goes without saying you will also save on your bank balance, giving you more cash to spend on the other luxuries for your household.

We source from around the UK to find chairs and furniture that will make a lasting and attractive addition to your home. After we find a suitable chair for instance, we strip it down and replace any worn or defective springs. We replace any other parts that may be needed such as padding for the back of the chair and new fibre or foam for the seating.

The old varnish or paint work is then painstakingly stripped to reveal the bare wood. It is then sanded and finished to a high standard before a wax finish is applied.

We then line all our chairs with a fire retardant inner lining for your safety and protection before the outer cover is added. Each finished cover is machined individually for every chair, making it a truly bespoke cover for the very best fit.

refurbished Chairs

There are many of our rejuvenated chairs and some other fine quality furniture, including coffee tables and chests of drawers, all brought back to life and modernised to fit into today’s fashion for retro and vintage furniture. Take a look on our site as many are still available. We add restored projects on a regular basis so please keep a look out on our site or join our mailing list for updates as and when they are available. Also get tips on how to look after and keep your furniture looking good for many years to come.

We have recently started to diversify and have added some other craft items to our furniture collection. These new items include cushions UK, greeting cards and nappy cakes.

The cards we sell are all individually Hand Made, selected and sourced from the United Kingdom. Each card is made by independent crafts people who are passionate about style and quality. At the time of writing we have three types of Greeting cards – art deco, teddy bears and quilling. Some are very limited in quantity so please order soon.

If you are a hand crafted card maker or designer and would like to take the opportunity to sell them on our site please feel free to contact us via email or Facebook.

Our cushions UK are made in house and vary in size and quantity. There are some really beautiful designs of fabrics produced by famous designers such as ‘MissPrint Designs’ ‘Clark and Clark’ and ‘Linwood’. Many of cushions are in varying patterns including some with matching zips and others with an envelope back. Depending on the cost of the cushion the material on the reverse can be either matching or plain, giving a great selection for all budgets and environments.